13-14 February 2019

Second DR2 Conference, University of Turin

28-30 June 2018

15th STOREP Annual Conference, Whatever has happened to political economy?, Genova, 28-30 June

Session “On the Possibility of a Distant Reading Perspective in Economics”

Guido Bonino and Paolo Tripodi,  Two examples of distant reading in the history of philosophy

Session “On the quantitative turn in the history of economics”

Eugenio Petrovich, Citation analysis as a tool to study the recent history of analytic philosophy

12 June 2018

JADT 2018, International Conference of Statistical Analysis of Textual Data, 12-15 June, 2018, Rome

Guido Bonino, Davide Pulizzotto, Paolo Tripodi, Exploring the history of American philosophy in a computer-assisted framework

7 June 2018

DR2 workshop (Università di Torino, Dipartimento di Filosofia e Scienze dell’Educazione, Palazzo Nuovo, Aula di Antica)

Davide Pulizzotto (LANCI, Montreal), Supervised topic modeling for conceptual history

9 November 2017

Conference: Digital Humanities – Archeologia del Sapere: quale dialogo?, University of Milan

Guido Bonino, Monumenti e documenti. Qualche esperienza personale nel campo delle Digital Humanities.

7 June 2017

Comparative History of Philosophy ConferenceDoctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences, University of Milan.

Enrico Pasini (Keynote Address), Comparatio difficilis

26-28 January 2017

6th AIUCD Conference 2017, The Reverse Telescope: Big Data and Distant Reading in the Humanities, Rome

Guido Bonino and Paolo Tripodi, Distant reading in the history of philosophy: Wittgenstein and academic success

16-18 January 2017

DR2 Conference, University of Turin/Casa del Pingone