Grant Awarded to DR2!

We are pleased to announce that DR2 has been awarded a grant by Fondazione CRT for the project TEPT – Turin Enhanced Philosophy Tree.

The DR2 project will be carried out in collaboration with CNR – ILIESI, the Department of Philosophy (DFE) and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Turin.

TEPTTurin Enhanced Philosophers’ Tree

Grant n. 2021/0539

P.I. prof. Guido Bonino,  DFE UniTO

TEPT network:


Prof. Enrico Pasini – CNR – ILIESI/DFE UniTO

  • DR2

Prof. Guido Bonino – DFE UniTO

Prof. Paolo Tripodi – DFE UniTO

  • Department of Computer Science, UniTO

Prof. Daniele Radicioni

Prof. Cristina Bosco

  • Synapta s.r.l.
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