Data visualization – Enhancing the Digital Humanities Course Registry

The Digital Humanities Course Registry (CLARIN-ERIC, DARIAH-EU) is a platform providing a worldwide overview of Digital Humanities teaching activities which can be sorted by a variety of features (e.g. institution, education degree and others).

Recently, the second round of the 2020 open data virtual Hackaton has been launched by the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage (ACDH-CH). The task was to inaugurate a new way of visualizing data and metadata about worldwide teaching activities around DH. Among the winning projects of this Hackaton, we signal the platform enhanced by Fracesca Giovannetti, Ivan Heibi and Bruno Sartini.

The final ACDH visualization webpage allows to have a complete and easily accessible overview of the different DH courses currently active (allow pop-ups for instructions). Besides, this visualization provides the user with details about the various techniques taught by the different DH courses, and the ongoing collaborations between Universities and relations among researchers working in each institution.

Data from Microsoft Academic and Crossref have been added to the DH course registry enriching it with metadata of published works across the listed institutions. Metadata have thus been managed in order to provide visualization tools devised to address different research questions about DH techniques deployed for research activities and co-authored papers across universities.

We also recommend you taking a look at the project’s documentation available on the GitHub repository (scripts included).


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