New Digital Humanities course for PhD students available in Turin

The Digital Humanities course for PhD students has been established at the PhD School for Humanities (Scuola di Dottorato in Scienze Umanistiche), University of Turin.

The course is designed and hosted by the newly born inter-departmental centre of DIgital Scholarship for the Humanities (DISH) directed by prof. Cristina Trinchero and chaired by prof. Ermanno Malaspina. DR2 core members are part of the scientific committee (Enrico Pasini, Paolo Tripodi and Guido Bonino) and of the management committee (Guido Bonino).

The duration of the course is 24 hrs and it will consist of six modules of 2 hours lessons + 2 hours workshops. Two modules will also engage DR2 members in teaching activities, namely:

Enrico Pasini on LaTex, March 11th, 09.00-13.00;

Paolo Tripodi, Guido Bonino and Eugenio Petrovich on Distant Reading and Data Driven Research in the History of Philosophy and the History of Ideas, March 25th, 10.00-12.00.

more information available on course documentation.

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