New DR2 Paper is out on Synthese

We are pleased to announce that a new paper by DR2 co-founders Guido Bonino and Paolo Tripodi, together with another DR2 affiliate member, Paolo Maffezioli, has been published on Synthese: “Logic in analytic philosophy: a quantitative analysis”. 

Abstract: Using quantitative methods, we investigate the role of logic in analytic philosophy from 1941 to 2010. In particular, a corpus of five journals publishing analytic philosophy is assessed and evaluated against three main criteria: the presence of logic, its role and level of technical sophistication. The analysis reveals that (1) logic is not present at all in nearly three-quarters of the corpus, (2) the instrumental role of logic prevails over the non-instrumental ones, and (3) the level of technical sophistication increases in time, although it remains relatively low. These results are used to challenge the view, widespread among analytic philosophers and labeled here “prevailing view”, that logic is a widely used and highly sophisticated method to analyze philosophical problems.


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