Arianna Betti teaching in Turin in 2020

We are pleased to announce that prof. Arianna Betti (University of Amsterdam) will be teaching a course at the University of Turin during the second semester of the Academic Year 2019/2020. More information below.



Dipartimento di Filosofia e Scienze dell’educazione
Corso di Laurea/Laurea magistrale in Filosofia
History of Ideas – Foundational topics and Computational Applications
Arianna Betti (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


PREREQUISITI / PREREQUISITES: Laurea triennale in filosofia / BA in Philosophy.

OBIETTIVI FORMATIVI / LEARNING OBJECTIVES: In this course you acquire knowledge and understanding of the foundations of the history of ideas as a scholarly practice, the reasons why this practice lends itself well to quantitative and computational transformation, and you will apply the knowledge and understanding you have thus acquired by designing and conducting in practice a small, well-delimited quantitative and computational research on one philosophical concept(ion) or position of your choice.

RISULTATI DELL’APPRENDIMENTO ATTESI / LEARNING OUTCOMES: In particular, you learn how to do methodologically sound research in the history of ideas. Following an initial theoretical training on how to do proper research in the history of ideas, you will set up your research project as follows. You will (i) identify, supported by the instructor, one concept(ion) in the history of ideas of which you want to research the spread, development or influence in/upon a specific author, period or field; (ii) acquire preliminary systematic background on this concept(ion) by conducting a literature study on major accounts, takes or interpretations of this concept(ion); (iii) construct an interpretive model of it, which you will judge apt to the research; (iv) identify and build an adequate corpus of texts for your research; (iii) formulate research questions that are suitable to be answered by applying simple computational tools to the corpus (such as; (iv) annotate (evaluate) for relevance the results you obtain by following your model.

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