DR2@STOREP2019 (or: history of philosophy meets history of economic thought)

As mentioned in a previous post, on Saturday 29 June, some members of  DR2 were at the conference of the Italian Society for the History of Political Economics (STOREP2019) in Siena. Indeed, DR2 was co-organizing a session entitled Maps of science: new problems, new tools, new opportunities, whose speakers and discussants were members (core or affiliate) of our group:

  • Baccini, Barabesi, Gingras & Kelfaoui Intellectual and social similarity among scholarly journals. An exploratory comparison of the networks of editors, authors and co-citations
  • Petrovich – The structure of scientific disciplines. Some notes on the
    epistemology of algorithmic representations of disciplines
  • Ambrosino, Cedrini, Davis, Fiori, Guerzoni & Nuccio  The problem of knowledge classification in economics: The potentialities of automated information retrieval systems

DISCUSSANTS: Bonino, Tripodi

For those interested, below is the manuscript of Petrovich’s talk The structure of scientific disciplines. Some notes on the epistemology of algorithmic representations of disciplines: PETROVICH@STOREP2019

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